This blog is a personal blog written and edited (badly) by little ole me.

All my opinions are my own.  If I ever do a sponsored post (ie. get paid to write a review, get gifted with free shit, blah blah) I will tell you right up the top of the post.

I think all the broo haha about bloggers getting paid to host advertising or to write about products is a ridiculous over reaction because it's been going on in the media since forever anyway.

It's probably mostly just fear and panic about New Media if you ask me.

However I am fundamentally an honest soul and I promise I won't try to pull the wool over your eyes loyal readers.

At the moment I am not exactly flooded with these requests may I add. Also I am not doing ads on the blog.

I'm deadset keen on getting some freelance writing work though so if you have some, chuck it my way. I write funny shit.

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