Thursday, August 1, 2013

My greatest achievements. An emo post, in pictures.

In keeping with my low energy levels, I give you my post for The Lounge, the theme of which is - Greatest Achievements.

Today it's being hosted by Tegan at Musings for the Misguided. Check out everyone else's posts - I am sure they are more exciting than this!

Here's my greatest achievements, both of them, in all their glory....

Yeah so I am keeping up my photographic head guillotining, mostly. Just call me Robespierre. Two words, people. "Digital Footprint".

Until next time, you can rest easy in the knowledge that in this household, we endorse onesies dressed up with arran cardigans, flannelette jarmies and pink fluffy dressing gowns. In case you were wondering.

Ciao xx


  1. They are both gorgeous, like their Mum, even with their heads chopped off. And I love a nice cardie. xo

  2. Too cute. Even with their heads chopped oof!

  3. I support your fear of the digital footprint but I love the sentiment about your greatest achievements. Hope you're feeling Ok? Low energy week? Take care :)

  4. Sweet and funny!
    I hope that your energy returns soon...being a mom is not an easy gig...make sure you look after yourself!

  5. Beautiful. And yes, mine are my greatest achievements too :) Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. xo

  6. Sending energy. They are gorgeous, even with cropping. x


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