Thursday, October 3, 2013

Upset tummy. New clothes.

I'm sorry to sound like a broken record (oh who am I kidding this stuff is my bread and butter) but I am feeling sorry for myself because M has gone away again for work and Baby B and I have had the....look this is going to sound indelicate....we have the Galloping Trots.

I feel better today than I did yesterday. Thank God for my retired father who could come and do his best to help out. Since he has a gammy knee he can't take full control of the ship but at least I had an offsider.

Also my back is still killing me.

I have decided to distract myself by telling you in minute detail about all the new clothes I have bought recently, both with my own pocket money (read: I went to the op shop) and with some Pin Money given to me by the Mater.

Trouble is my phone is missing, and I can't find the camera. SO I can't take any photos. I have decided to make do with description instead.


- Above the knee Sussan denim skirt - $4!!
- Floral Just Jeans blouse thingo - $3!
- Whit Tshirt thing - $3!


- Stretchy fitted lime green knee length skirt thingo - Target $10
- This white blouse from Sussan
Picture stolen from Sussan website - it was $99.95 which frankly is OUTRAGEOUS because it is as thin as anything and will probably become shredded in a few wears but I really liked it and I was spending someone else's money.
- Some camel coloured linen shortsy type things from Sussan too
- A flowy black top from Katie's. Dead cheap.
- A groovy Mexican type scarf from Target that I saw Rachel from Redcliffe Style talk about on her blog
- Dress from Piper at Myer - it's a sort of lime green yellow geometric patterned shirt dress thing. Can't remember how much but as always TOO MUCH for what it is which is about 2cm of material. GOD EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE OR IS IT JUST ME?
- Got M a pink polo shirt from COuntry Road.

I really like COuntry Road and wandered around a while looking at their nice things but just can't cope with how PRICEY it is for, you know, just a cotton top or whatever. I mean GOD! I think I am the only one who thinks this because I was listening in on a convo in the store that went along these lines;
[Grey bobbed linen-bedraped customer] - Ohhh you have so many nahhhs dresses at the moment, they are just greashhhhhhhh
[CR shop ladies] - Oh I knowwww, I knowwwww
[Grey bobbed one] - And so reaaaaaasonable! Just so REAAAASSSSSSOOOONABBBLLEE!
[CR shop ladies] - Oh I knowwwwwwwww, I knowwwwwwwww, so reaaaaasonable!

I was about to interject with a "Reasonable? I'll give you REASONABLE!" but thought better of it since I was walking around fondling the garments in a fairly shameless and covetous way and it might have looked hypocritical and God knows I could do without THAT!

Anyway, here's hoping my guts sort themselves out STAT or that at least I lose some GODDAMN WEIGHT from this ghastly state of affairs. Knowing my luck I will probably PUT IT ON or something.

Anyway, yours in Comfort Shopping and Toilet Sitting



  1. I have to say that when I see tunics like that where I know only cost twenty cents to make in Sri Lanka I just can not bear paying that much for it. Doesn't make sense to some bc I sometimes buy pricey items but everything has to be justified. Sometimes I think it's cheaper to go to India and go shopping and you'll still be quids in at the end of it...

    1. I HEAR YOU! I was umming and ahhing for ages but in the end I got it and I'm still annoyed. It's a nice top though. If the Pin Money had stretched to a ticket to India I would have done it fo sho.

  2. Wow, I impressed by the shopping. It sounds like you got some amazing bargains and a beautiful scarf. Pretty shitty about the tummy bug though. Rachel x

    1. Shitty is right, in more ways than one! Thanks for the hot tip on the scarf I am DEVOTED to it!

  3. Don't even talk to me about the price of things here. Why? Why? Why? And why are people content to pay these insane prices? Especially now that there is this little thing called the Internet and another little thing called Amazon and you can get everything for much, much cheaper!
    Instant gratification and all that. I know. But the cost of things here is crazy I tell you!
    Don't get me started on the cost of FOOD! And of iTunes...a downloaded tv show isn't even an actual thing and yet it costs twice as much here as it does in the US!
    Can this comment qualify as my entry into your poem contest?
    And if you went shopping in India you probably would still be toilet sitting!

    1. This rant is EVEN BETTER! Prices are really ridiculous.

  4. Love the way you're shopping through the pain and discomfort! So brave!

  5. I tried on a gorgeous top in CR yesterday and loved it...until I looked at the price tag...$170! FOR A TOP. Prices here in Australia are crazy. Hope your tummy is feeling better soon x

    1. I KNOW! $170! They are basically ALL that price! RIDICK!

  6. LOL you sound like me and Miss 16 when we hit the shops. We were at DFO yesterday and even some of the big name "specials" are still way out of our league!

  7. Don't you love Mums. I just visited mine for 4 days. I didn't lift a finger the entire trip. She looked after my boys in the mornings whilst I slept in. Then she THANKEd me for visiting!

  8. Hope your back gets better. As a fellow bad back sufferer, I know how debilitating it can be. Red wine helps!

    At the risk of being preachy, our reasonable prices from Target and such like shops, do carry with them a hidden but shockingly high cost to the workers and the environment. Not saying Country Rosd, would have a better source. I am trying to only buy clothes that can guarantee the ethical treatment of their workers or from countries that have labour and environmental laws, eg Australia. And yes I will have to pay more. Believe it or not but I have been able to find a company that makes socks in Australia. I thought you could only get Made in China ones. Anyway, stepping off soap box now.

    1. I know, I am happy to pay more money for stuff that I know is made in Australia and pays good wages blah blah, I guess my point is that places like Sussan and Country Road are sourcing their gear from CHina and India too. So I'd rather buy my cheaply made thin cotton shirts frm Big W for $10, then pay $200 at CR. Because they are probably all made in the same factory. I buy lots of things from Op shops because it is an affordable and sustainable way to shop. But I also buy new things.

  9. YAY you have some new threads - and not a moment too soon from what your FB page said a few weeks ago - hope you feel great in them. Love the descriptions BTW! I hope you're back and super healthy! x

  10. Oh that top - I was seriously eyeing that off myself today at the shops. I hope that back of yours is giving you some relief this week hun. I am sorry to play catch up on y bloggy reading and hear you have been having such a shitty time :( pardon the pun ... xx


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