Friday, April 25, 2014

Procrasti-bunting - a CRAFTY HOW-TO!

Now I don't know about you, dear reader, but I spend a shizz-load of time looking at things on the interwebs like Apartment Therapy, and following various interior designy crafty people on Instagram and whatnot.  In doing so, I had a revelation - there was one thing all these people had in common. They had BUNTING!

Yes, that's right, BUNTING! Bunting is to hipster parents interior designing the living shnizzle out of their kid's bedroom what, well, what a baton is to a conductor, what a mullet is to a bogan.  It is the HEART AND SOUL of hip parenting style.

So, I said to myself - SELF, I said - I need to get me some bunting!

For a little while I contemplated sewing some...and then I had a good lie down and realised the folly of my ways. AS IF!

Check out this super easy and creative alternative!  Check it out I say!


HOW GOOD DOES THIS LOOK!? Pretty bloody good, right!?

So, you are probably thinking - HOW ON EARTH DID SHE MAKE THIS AMAZING BUNTING WITHOUT THE USE OF NEEDLE AND THREAD!?  Well wonder no more. For I will tell you all.

 I call this procrasti-bunting - because I was supposed to be doing something important instead when I made it. AS USUAL!

No-sew bunting - SLAPDASH STYLE!

1.  Get some paper doilies that your lovely sister-in-law bought for you as a present once. Not sure what she was hoping I would use them for but I'm hoping making bunting from them is ok. Anyway lucky she bought them because I have NO IDEA where you would get paper doilies from. NONE I SAY!

2.  Get some scissors. Cut the doilies into triangles - I KNOW WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THIS IT'S AMAZING RIGHT!

3.  Get some kitchen string.  Sticky tape the triangles onto said kitchen string.  Then blu-tak the fark out of that string and stick it to the wall in the kids bedroom.


You can thank me later.

Got any BRILLIANT craft tips like mine? Fancy a bit of bunting? Do you go a paper doily? Let me know.


  1. OMG, you are possibly my twin (born several years later) and spirited away across the ocean .... I AM MAKING BUNTING AS I READ THIS - I shit you not - bunting made from crafting paper for Miss Mac's room makeover (blog post possibly in the offing if I can be arsed ....) - Love, love LOVE bunting, it makes the world go round y'know!

    1. It certainly has brightened the place up! Twins!!!!!!

    2. I did it NS - bunted and blogged ;-) x

  2. Oh beautiful bunting, well done. I am so behind the times, I don't have any bunting and will probably not get around to doing any either!

    1. You can probably use paper napkins too! Got any of those? A life without bunting is a life half lived

  3. You cannot be a parent these days and not have some bunting hung up around the place!
    And really bunting is so versatile…you can make a mini bunting to go on top of your parent of the year rainbow cake, or perhaps to decorate your hipster indoor fiddle leaf plant…the possibilities are endless really!
    I suppose in a pinch a little pom pom garland would do…but it is no bunting!

  4. Best bunting tips ever, not that I will ever bunt, I'm not cool enough, I appreciate your endless talents! xx


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