Monday, August 25, 2014

Confessions of a non flosser: a cautionary tale



So this is awkward. You look good. Keeping well. Lost weight?
No, me either. More's the pity.

Well, I've been really busy and popular and attractive since I last saw you, in case you were wondering.
Life's never been better.

Apart from my ghastly wisdom tooth gum infection dramas that are slowly being rectified with two different types of antibiotics of course. Hashtag agony hashtag so sick hashtag frightenedofdentaljudgement.

I've been Googling gum disease like a crazy person. Apparently there's a strong connection between gum disease and heart disease which has cheered me up no end and has contributed in no way at all to my fevered gargling of apple cider vinegar and desperate flossing and sudden and hasty purchase of coQ10 enzyme something something. I'm eating that shit like it's candy. Except I don't eat candy any more because you know tooth abscess gum ulcer infection thing who knows haven't actually gone to the dentist yet but it's sure to be dire.

I'm wondering if this has been lurking in my mouth for ages now, contributing to the general malaise and unwellness that has been thoroughly documented in this here blog aka whinging diatribe.

Now that the antibiotics have kicked in I actually feel remarkably energetic and better than I have for ages so maybe I'm right. Anyway I'm stealing myself for the lecture I'm bound to get from the dentist because I haven't been for about 2 years I think and am a sporadic flosser.  Dentists hate non flossers. Which I think is counter intuitive because I'm putting their kids through school so they should be thanking me really.

I've learned my lesson though.

In other news, I'm going to the ProBlogger cocktail party this Friday as Amanda Cooker and a Looker's date which is rather exciting. Will be less exciting if I've just had a wisdom tooth extracted but we shall cross that dental bridge when we come to it. The theme for this party is Ahoy.  So, nautical. I'm pretty excited by this concept and have been internally workshopping a potential outfit that I'm hoping will make me look like this...

...but will probably make me look more like this...

So, do you floss? Enjoy smoking a pipe and eating spinach? Flounce about in Culottes?


  1. I have been thinking about you and your teeth!
    I set flossing as a new years resolution back in about 2002 and have been a devoted flosser ever since. It is the only resolution I have ever kept.
    Mind you I have had my fair share of dental issues so I suppose it was time I learned my lesson.
    #gumtransplant #wisedomteethout #impacted #braces
    I am looking forward to seeing you Friday night! I have been trying to think of witty pregnant nautical costumes. But because I am in the grips of this death cold, my creativity is low. Self pity however is high.

    1. Gum transplant! What even is that? Maybe that's what I need?
      You could go dressed as a buoy? Hehehe

  2. I'm a sporadic flosser too, so bad, so lazy!!

    I LOVE a nautical look. I'd wear a striped tshirt with a navy blazer and black or white pants with some red/white or blue accessories. Simple!

    1. I like it. I have a variety of those sort of options so wisdom tooth and gums being equal I think I should have it sorted!

  3. I sincerely hope you're not tricking me about those culottes. They are fab-u-lous! You'll be the bell of the ball (which will be remarkably apt!)

    1. Haven't had much luck locating culottes. Mores the pity.

  4. I forgot to buy floss in the grocery shopping yesterday and was desperately rummaging around in the car console with a torch at 10:30pm last night on a vague promise from my husband that there may be some vintage floss in there from 1996. There was none and I was sad. Does that answer your question?

  5. you have my 100% sympathy 'cause tooth pain is up there with back pain. I once didn't go to the dentist for years because I was scared, so I understand xx

  6. flounce about in culottes

  7. Hello I'm Emily and I have gum disease yet I still rarely floss. I am a dental rebel without a cause.

    1. You will regret this. Mark my words my friend!

  8. I feel your pain - actually I HAVE felt your pain! Bad experience once and I didn't go to the dentist for years! BUT - I am a reformed character, hate flossing so I've bought some of those interdental brushed, like tiny little loo brushes for your teeth (no need to add toilet duck though ok!).

    Got slapped about a bit by my lovely Irish dentist Sarah (I KNOW, she was called Sarah too and she was MEAN to me) so now I go and see her when she tells me too and I don;t even cry any more.

  9. It’s a good thing that you’ve taken antibiotics; it could help destroy bacterial build up on your gums. Also, it’s ok to go crazy about googling or finding out about whatever’s happening with our body, rather than not knowing at all, because through research we can learn how to control, cure, or even prevent bad things from happening to us. Just don't take that as an actual prescription, and see the appropriate doctor as soon as possible. Anyway, thank you for sharing this with us. Take care!

    Garry Owen @ New Century Dental Group


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