Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday Week.

GUYS I am so terribly guilty and apologetic that I have been so quiet on the blog front! I mean I know that you are all just constantly hanging out on the edge of your seats for regular updates from me.  Who wouldn't? I mean this stuff is RIVETING!


First things first. If you would be so kind as to look to your right you will see a button  "Vote for me now". If you feel so moved, I would be eternally grateful if you could hop over there and vote for me in the People's Choice Awards. I mean, there's only like 1000 entries or something so I AM A SHOE IN OBVIOUSLY! 

Please and thank you.

Anyway as you all know it was my birthday this week, and in case you missed it I drew the winners of the Mollie Day prizes!  Check it out if you want.

I got pressies.

I done got me some nice perfume from the kids and an attractive nightie and set of jarmies from the husband which were both very nice.

But I have to say the best loot came from my dear old parentals who are traditionally generous beyond measure with this stuff and didn't fail to impress.

Dad gave me money to buy - wait for it - MY VERY OWN LAPTOP COMPUTER! I KNOW! OMG!

So I done bought one.

It's an Asus something something. I like it. Downside is that it is running Windows 8.  WTF? Windows 8 you are freaking me out beyond WORDS and making me feel ANCIENT AND HOPELESS! WHY SO WEIRD WINDOWS 8? Didn't the success of Apple teach you ANYTHING MICROSOFT? EVER HEARD OF USER FRIENDLINESS INTUITIVE SHIT BLAH BLAH?

I've been raging at it.

Here's hoping I come to grips with it STAT or someone will suffer.  I might just write a VERY STRONGLY WORDED letter to a certain Mr Bill Gates outlining my displeasure.

Be afraid Bill.

Anyway, the other present of awesomeness was from my mum - money for a big ole fancy pants, trendy, the whole works hair cut.

Guys. Don't get freaked out (I mean I know I am a 33 year old, generously proportioned mother of two, respectable public servant and erstwhile librarian), but CHECK THIS OUT!


I got an UNDERCUT BABY! Just call me Rhianna. You can share my umbrella, ella, ella, any time you need to, any one of you.

My bloggie friend Kim from Falling Face First has written about her blossoming early-mid life crisis and its resulting pink hair action. I too am starting to rage against the dying of the light and saying HELL NO I WON'T GO gently into that good night.

Look it's a pretty small one but we all have to start somewhere. Maybe next time I will get some lopsided geometric hairstyle action too but first things first.

Another friend K has a group on FB called "F**K Yeah Girls with Short Hair - Oz" for fierce chicks like us who rock a short haircut. You should totes look her up and join.

So we came up to the Sunshine Coast to stay at the Slapdash Family Compound for Easter and I write to you from said Compound as we speak.  This meant we had some built in babysitting and this subsequently facilitated a DATE NIGHT for M and I to celebrate my birthday.  So we went to one of our favorite restaurants ever - The Spirit House, in Yandina. It's a Thai restaurant. A super dooper one.

We've been a few times for lunch but hadn't been there during the night before - just so gorgeous! I cannot rave enough!

Here's some random bad photography so you can feel like you were THERE TOO!

It's set around a little pond like thing and you walk along a path to get there, all lit with lanterns and "spirit houses".

As we walked along I remarked perceptively, "It really reminds me of THAILAND!". Who'd have thought, eh?

We had a cocktail.

And some champagne.

We ate spicy delights.  The end.
I hope that little rundown was as good for you as it was for me.

 Anyway it's been a nice week. We've even been to the beach. We met my friend K there with her two little children today.  As we were playing on the grass near the sand a TV reporter and camerman came up to us. They walked right past me and zoomed in on olive skinned, beach touseled hair K and asked her probing questions like "What do you think people like to DO AT THE BEACH ON GOOD FRIDAY?" and so forth. I'm not sure what they were hoping she'd say.  Perhaps they were angling for something like "Oh, we like to REENACT THE PASSION OF CHRIST FOR THE BEACHGOERS" or "We enjoy the beach at Easter because the sand in our jocks reminds us of CHRIST'S SUFFERING ON THE CROSS!". What they got was a lot of close ups of her baby A eating a hot cross bun covered in sand and grass.

After they'd got her comments and their 5 minute baby close up, they wandered off to find another attractive family to film.

Completely ignoring me and my offspring.


OK so maybe my outfit du jour wasn't screaming BEACH BEACH BEACH, what with my voluminous sun smart coverall, unshaven, pasty legs and Mum's old beach hat, but the kid has star potential at LEAST!.

How very dare they.  I almost shouted out after them "I say there! You with the camera! HAVEN'T YOU FORGOTTEN SOMEONE!!!???".

Anyway Happy Easter readers! Hope you never have to suffer the indignity of being ignored by a regional television station's camera crew. How ever will we live it down?

Until next time!


  1. Ha ha...I love your photos of the Spirit House...I feel like I am there!
    Speaking of, how great is that restaurant.
    Their chocolate chilli ice cream is seriously to die for.

    And I like the undercut.
    I am always tempted to do something crazy with my hair...namely cut it all off.
    But then I remember the awkward stages that resulted after I chopped off all of my hair last time and then regrew it. Let me tell you it was NOT pretty!

    Happy Easter!
    Hope to see you on TV!

    1. It is definitely our favourite restaurant. I've decided to have my 40the there in their function area. And a cooking school too!
      I've done plenty of crazy things with my hair over the years, this is nothing really! But I look awful with long hair so I prefer short anyway.
      Happy Easter Caitlin!

  2. I have voted - and let me tell you it was a fucking tedious process, but I did it. I hope you're happy that I now have wrinkles on my wrinkles! Ha! Well, you were pretty spoilt, and rightly so. Yes, how DARE they walk past such a cute baby? I'd have kicked sand in their faces for you!

    1. Sulky I KNOW! I voted last night too...OMG could the process be any more irritating! I truly appreciate your efforts. Thank you. And I wish you'd been there to kick sand in their faces the bloody young upstarts.

  3. wow pretty impressive pressies I reckon..believe me youll ge tused to Windows 8 ,,atlteast you dont have to do it in a job pressure situation.

    Seeing you asked so nicely, I voted for you . cnat belive there are so many Australian blogs .

    Your TV crew incident reminded me of my son at the Sydney Olympics he was 8 or so dying to be interviewed by Channel 7 , he was the only one who knew who the sports commentator was so I stepped in and did the honorable mum thing "please interview my son,lets face it hes the only one who knows who you are' needless to say we didn't make the news.

    1. I know. Ridiculously generous really. I'd be happy with a book. Haha just kidding of course I deserve to be showered in presents! Mwahahaha!
      That is hilarious about your son and the commentator. I would have no clue who any of them are either!!!!!!!!

  4. You know what is really annoying to a 42 year old? People who are significantly younger and hotter than myself (eg you and Kim) complaining about reaching middle age. Middle age my wobbly arse! You have just exited adolescence.
    Happy birthday to you my YOUNG padwan.
    Love Brenda

    1. Pfft younger I may be but hotter!?!?! Pfft. Also, ou are only as young as you feel and I feel 80. Maybe when I get consistent sleep, do more exercise and eat better and no longer have a baby or toddler I will actually feel younger than I do now.

  5. BTW: There, I voted for you. You can be quiet already.

    1. Thank you B. I voted for you too! God the voting page was irritating. Also. So many!!!

  6. You GO girl. Sunshine Coast - I is jealous. Spent a bazillion holidays there cos I love it so much. Mainly for its bitch arse camera crews with NO TASTE in babies. The hair rocks. Just be careful. I raged so much against the dying I lost my voice.... A temporary setback I'm sure. Happy unbirthday!!!! Xx

    1. Good grief what were you doing that you lost your voice!!! Driving around shouting rude words out the car window? Karaoke? Tequila shots!? All of the above?
      Yes the undercut is quite cool. I don't know if it goes with my general clothing style which is Target chic. Oh well!
      I grew up on the sunny coast. It is lovely. You should come for a holiday soon so we can hang out!!

  7. They're only regional - the national tv crews are hunting you down as we type!!!

  8. Love the hair! And a lap-top? Awesome! I got chocolates for my birthday. Hmph. Glad it was a good one. x

    1. I know, my parents have always been so generous with me. M is very good too. OTT really...xx

  9. I had a birthday last week too! Yay for us and awesome pressies! And well done on being brave and getting an awesome haircut.

  10. Hey twinny - how cool is that hair??? If I cut my hair that short I'd just end up with an affro you could hide a couple of hibernating hamsters in :(

    I'm watching the door expectantly now for my laptop which I'm sure has just been delayed in the post...

    1. Thanks NS! It is cool, shame about the rest of me. I'm sure there must be a laptop winging its way to you as we speak!

  11. i feel vey honoured to be mentioned in the slapdash blog... even more honoured than my regional tv vox pop selection. so lovely to see you and your gorgeous family!

    1. Haha! Well you and your children are extremely good looking, there is that! Was lovely to see you my dear K xxxxx

  12. Glad to hear you had a great birthday. Love the spirit house. I went to a cooking class there a couple of years ago. I was so inspired. I brought all the special ingredients- eg. palm sugar... I never made anything, and I can't remember how.. but I still have all the special ingredients in my cupboard. x

    1. Oh I'd love to do one if those classes! The food is so great. But I think I'd be kidding myself that I could actually achieve it at home. Maybe when the kids have left home...

  13. I always like the idea of a birthday week - why confine celebrations to a mere day?! I also like the look of that cocktail. I've never been to the Spirit House. Sounds like I better check it out.

  14. Love your hair!

    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for my clutch purse!

    and I've voted!


  15. Happy Birthday you rockin mama. Birthday weeks are da bomb! Milk it for every last day you can I say xx

    1. Thank you Sonia! An thank you as always for commenting xx


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