Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guest post from me.

Hello friends,
This week I am embracing slow blogging cos I am sick and the baby is sick. You know how it goes.

He and I are home again today. My throat is as raw as a raw throat.

But luckily here's one I prepared earlier! I done a guest post on my bloggie friend Mez's blog Listen Sookie.

She's doing a series called The Mama Files and asked me to bring my VERY SPECIAL AMAZING expertise to the topic of motherhood*.

I'm getting braver about putting my mug up on the internet too. I don't know if this is foolish or wise. I suspect foolish.

Anyway, click here to read the post


*I know! I have everyone fooled.


  1. Not nice! That's sick! (In a bad way). I hope you're both better soon.

    1. Yes is annoying. Bloody daycare germies. Thanks Edie/Edward/Ermintrude, whoever you are...

  2. Damn those bugs! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I love your mug shots :) get better soon! xx

  4. Ha ha... I've only just in the past 3 months had enough guts to put my name and photo on my blog two...2 years in!!! In sympathy...I'm sore throat suffering too!

    1. Sore throats are the worst!!! I feel weird about the photo issue. I will still keep pics to a minimum and not do full pics of the kids. Although I do have a few. I'm on the fence about it obviously! Thank you for commenting!


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