Saturday, May 11, 2013

Katie 180 Recipe. And a song!

One of my absolutely favourite blogs is Katie Rainbird's Katie 180. I LOVE IT SICK! Katie is a nutritionist and writes about the ins and outs of healthy food, and is not averse to a bit of scatalogical humour. She is as funny a blogger as ever there was - but when I read her, not only do I laugh, but I am edu-ma-cated!

Her recipes are eminently cook-able and TASTY. 

Katie's blog has been shortlisted in the Top 100 for the Kidspot Voices 2013 - you should all go and check it out.

I begged her to do a guest post recipe type thing on my blog because I am SHAMELESS. And even though she is very busy and so forth she made a recipe available to me.

I had made another recipe of hers a little while ago, and naturally Instagrammed photos of it. It was a zucchini pasta sauce. Except using my mother's philosophy that all vegetarian dishes taste better with bacon (or similar), I added chorizo. This was met with SCORN by Katie herself, however I think I have infiltrated her psyche because LOOK WHAT RECIPE SHE SENT ME!


So, I actually got around to making it for din-dins the other night.

Here is photographic evidence.


Chorizo. What? It IS chorizo. You guys are SICK. KEEP IT CLEAN OK?

Child sized portion
Here's the recipe itself in the inimitable words of the lady herself...

From the esteemed desk of Katie180…

Dear Mrs Slapdash,

Please find one easy dinner recipe for your noshing pleasure.

Ingredients: (To serve two so multiply as needed.)
1 x good quality chorizo (please try to buy from a good deli rather than say, a supermarket one), finely sliced ~ as many thin slices as you can get.
1 x tin of organic diced tomatoes.
1 x Spanish onion, diced.
1 x teaspoon of raw sugar.
Baby spinach leaves, washed and shredded.
¼ cup of frozen peas ~ optional.
S&P to season.
Olive oil.
Pasta, whichever you prefer but I like to use long pasta.

Sweat onions in olive oil.
Add chorizo and crisp up a little then turn down heat. 

Stir through tomatoes and add the sugar, bring to a gentle simmer.
Reduce heat then pop lid on.
Cook pasta.
Once pasta is cooked, stir through spinach leaves and peas if using.
Season to taste.
Divide pasta between bowls and spoon over chorizo mixture.

This dish is one of my fall-back favourites, not for regular eating due to the use of processed meat, but I DO enjoy it when I make it and it is super quick and easy.

Chorizo keeps for ages in the fridge, so if you buy a couple in the groceries knowing you’re in for a busy week, they’ll be there in a few days ready to rock’n’roll.

Be sure to use lots of baby spinach as it reduces down considerably and it can kind of offset the naughtiness of the sausage!

If you’ve got kids who use their fingers not their forks probably best to use spirals or bowties.

Muchos love, Katie J

This was a great success, despite my usual slapdash approach, which meant that - 

a) I didn't buy nice chorizo from a nice deli and used some in a packet from Woolies, and
b) At the last minute I realised I had no spinach so I used extra peas and grated a zucchini in.

As I've said before to my critics, if I was more organised I'd have to change the name of the blog and we CANNOT HAVE THAT, now, can we?

In closure, I decided to write  adapt a song for Katie to express my feelings about this recipe. It is to be sung to the music of "Oh Mandy" by Barry Manilow. Or "Oh Margie" by well know songbird Homer Simpson.

Oh Katie,
Well, you came and you gave me a recipe,
For my little bloggie.
Oh Katie,
Well, you said to use spinach, I didn't
I hope you don't hate me!
Oh Katie.

Thank you so much Katie180. I wish you all of the good things! MWAH!


  1. You had me at chorizo.
    I don't care if processed meat is bad for tastes SO good!

    1. I know! I eat way too much ham, salami, etc. but it is just so yummy! This recipe was delicious! And easy! My pitch to Katie was an easy dinner recipe and voila!

  2. I don't know whether to award you a Cordon Bleu sash or a Grammy! can have them both, well deserved!

    1. Sulllkkkkyyyy! I've missed you so! Thank you for commenting xxxxx

  3. Is there such a thing as bad chorizo?
    Living up to the name, mate. If you had the recipe, how did you not get ALL the ingredients?
    I bet your recipe tasted just as good though, even without the spinach.

    1. I know right? Baby spinach is one of those ubiquitous ingredients I always have - except this time! The other time I tried to make a Katie 180 recipe, I discovered I had no spaghetti in the pantry! WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN?

  4. I do hope that is actually chorizo that you have in that pasta lol.

    Either way it looks yummy.

    1. I know Trudie! SO SUSS LOOKING! But amusing, no!? It was DELICIOUS and very easy. xx

  5. This looks yum Sarah. I made Katie's muesli bars last week, they are amazing. Especially with a big huge cup o tea. Xx

    1. I should make them too! Although I would eat the whole thing myself. This is my problem currently. Oy vey!

  6. Chorizo is a vegetable in my world. This looks yum

    1. I hear you on that! It was delish! THank you for visiting!

  7. LMAO I couldnt quite get past the picture of you holding the chorizo, sorry :) xx


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