Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why I write.

There’s this THING going round, perhaps I could call it a meme? It’s blogging community related anyway, and it’s like a sort of pass the parcel for GROWN UP writery types.

My dear friend Caitlin from Mother Down Under has passed it onto me.  It’s an invitation to answer the question “Why do you write?”

Caitlin texted me to make sure it was ok to pass the torch on to me, so to speak, probs because basically I don’t really write much at the moment. HAHAHAAAAA. Not that I don’t want to! By God I’ve always got words swirling round my head but by Jove it’s tough to get a moment alone with a writing apparatus to get them down on the bally jolly buggery paper.

Still, I am jumping at this opportunity to SPILL MY GUTS about why I do what I (sporadically) do.
What am I working on?

I am trying to write some longer versions of blog posts in the hope I can craft them into something I can get published some place. It's proving difficult. Also I have started thinking in more detail about a book i want to write.  Yes. Thinking. Not writing.

I really feel the strong urge to come up with some sort of ingenious creative endeavour but I am sort of falling flat.  In that I am not coming up with one.  Any ideas?
How does my writing differ from others of its genre?

Genre? Genre? What genre even is my writing?
How does my writing process work?

I just have words and shit swirling round my head all day and sometimes I spew it out here. If I am trying to write something else I stop and start and stop and start. I used to take notes on my phone every time something good came into my head. I should probably start doing that again.
Why do I write?

Well. Look, I think the reason I write can be summed up eloquently in this way.

I write shit down because when I try and say it out loud, it always comes out all screwy and peeps end up looking at me like…

But you see, if I write it all down, man, it comes out SMOOTH LIKE….umm….SMOOTH LIKE PEANUT BUTTER OUT OF THE JAR ON A WARM DAY. Now that is MOTHEREFFING SMOOTH PEOPLE.

You see what I’m getting at!?

Here’s an example.

Me [sitting at the desk at work]: HAHAHAHAHA

Coworker: what are you laughing at?

Me: Oh, it’s this thing on the internet, it’s a blog, she’s so hilarious and high fashion but also FUNNY and she was just going on about culottes and shit and she’s really thin and her blog is called Man Repeller, because she doesn’t wear makeup but it’s MORE THAN THAT it’s completely brilliant and guess what I just saw she was born like 10 years after me, how come she is so funny, it’s not really fair, but get this she has this MANIFESTO and it’s all about Man Repelling and I am totally a man repeller from way back because of my commitment to pubic hair and…


What Did You Say?

But like, if I totally write it all down it makes sense, right? Am I right? I’m right aren’t I? It makes sense? People? People? Anybody? Bueller?

Anyway I think I am supposed to nominate some other bloggers....

I choose my friend Housewife in Heels, and also ole Frank at Talking Frankly. Even though they may have already done it. Soz if you have guys.


  1. Did I really just check your blog roll to see if there REALLY was a blog called Man Repeller .... Ummm noooo ....

    I was going to claim FULL credit for your return until I got to the second sentence of this post then BAM Caitlin gets it ALL - NOT FAIR I TELL YOU!!

    I'm going to nominate myself to do this meme because (as ever) it is all about me me!

    ps good to see you NS ;-) x

    1. OMG I totally forgot to nominate you!!!! I'm sorry NS. I wrote this half asleep at the desk at work in the middle of the night. Forgive me?

    2. Ha ha, oh, go on then - you're forgiven ;-)

  2. Yes to the comments coming out all screwy. What is wrong with us?!

  3. You always make perfect sense to me Slapdash. Always. Thanks for the nomination, I will share mine with you xx

  4. I think you'll find your category is awesome sauce.

  5. You write cause if you didnt you'd be even crazier ,, right ? and we really appreciate it

  6. Whatever happened to Britney?
    Is she still eating cheese curls and wearing cowboy boots and letting her toddlers ride in the front seat of her convertible?
    So not the point of this post I know!
    Thank you for joining in!
    I love when you write!
    Can you just publish all of your old blog posts? And maybe some funny emails that you wrote to your mom or something? I would read that book! Have you ever read Tender At The Bone? I always think of you as a Ruth Reichl type. Maybe write a few chapters, throw in a recipe for chia pudding, a few more chapters…boom…book!

  7. I just checked out nan repeller. Respect. Thanks for the nominationx

  8. You and other bloggers write about such interesting subject whereas my blog is just a simple everyday one and yet I enjoy doing it as you enjoy doing yours.

  9. I love that you write and YAY that you have ideas for a book - I no shit buy that up - your writing is unique, funny and witty. x


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