Friday, November 9, 2012

Obama Mama. Waybuloo.

Spent nearly all Wednesday glued to ABC24 watching the US election result unfold.  I love a good election.  Love it.  And I always watch the ABC coverage, but far out, election analyst Antony Green always KILLS ME with his dorkiness.  Actually I think that's probably all part of the enjoyment for me, yelling at the TV, "Make a prediction Antony, would it kill you to TAKE A RISK??!!!" because he is forever saying things like "It's too early to call" and "There's no point making any predictions now".  No point?  Then, frankly, what is the point of an election analyst at all, Antony?  Hey?  There, I said it.  I keep thinking that the ABC should totally ring me up because I would be all over it like a rash, and I wouldn't be afraid to make predictions left, right and centre.  I'll be waiting by the phone, ABC.  Just so you know.  I am available.

My friend KLF put this up on her FB page.

Sums it up nicely I think.

The other morning P was reciting some bush ballads for us*.  Yes, you know what I mean.  Watching TV.

She was watching one of the ABC2 programs called Waybuloo.  I used to love this one.  It was very soothing.  It has these weird little creatures who float about and talk in soft voices and practice yoga (they call it yogo).  Cute.  But then all of a sudden I noticed it had a new and unpleasant development - a narrator!  Not just any old narrator, a very irritating one.  He was ALL WRONG for the vibe of the show.  His voice made it all seem a bit suspect, and frankly, a bit rude.  This particular morning I could hear him say "And now it's time for Yojojo's BANANA TRICK!" and later "Now, spread your legs, and bend over.  Hnnnrrrrpphhooaarr (the sound of him groaning)".  Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder?  What are we watching exactly? Because it sounds a lot like "Carry On Up The Piplings" or some sort of Benny Hill movie.  Not asseptable, as the Super Nanny would say.

The Waybuloo Piplings doing their weird floaty thing. [Source]
I thought his voice sounded a lot like Griff Rhys Jones so I looked it up, but it's actually someone called Dave Lamb.  I recognise him sort of.  Anyway when I Googled "Waybuloo Narrator" a whole lot of articles came up that showed me I wasn't alone!  The narration was loathed by parents and toddlers all around and when it was introduced earlier this year in the  UK the BBC had to axe the narrated shows the very next day!  The article I was reading quoted parents saying things like "What is this nonsense?" and describing the narration as "inane prattle!".  That'll show you, BBC.  Don't you know NEVER TO MESS WITH KIDS TV!!!  You will infuriate an already tired and crazy demographic - the parent of the small child.  YOU DON'T WANT TO DO THAT!!!!!

So how come we poor saps in Oz have to put up with it?  An outrage!  Maybe I should get all activist on their arses.  I sure do deal with the big issues.  A petition, anyone?

*No she wasn't.


  1. I feel your pain re Waybuloo; had the exact same thoughts in fact. Not that I allow my child to watch TV . . . . ever . . . at all.

  2. I think he also narrates a show over here called Come Dine With Me. Not the kind of innuendo-filled vibe you want for a kid's show!

    1. Sulky It's really quite hilarious to listen to! I'll have to look up that Dine with Me show, sounds intriguing!!

  3. You are such a fantastic writer. I am really enjoying your blog.

  4. I so agree re Waybuloo. Thankfully we have some old (pre narrator) episodes on the iPad... not that my children watch tv though... far too busy with their oboes.

    I thought of you when my 18 month old son started screaming "Puppy, puppy, puppy" at the TV yesterday when Gaspard and Lisa came on.

    Finally, I will admit this once and then deny it forever after, but I think I have a tiny crush on Antony Green.

    1. Although I don't share your fondness for Mr Green, I do understand, It's probably a bit like my crush on Kerry O'Brien, the thinking woman's sex symbol.


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