Sunday, February 24, 2013

Giveaway winner announced!

OK everyone, here is the moment you have all been waiting for!!!!!

The winner of my giveaway is.......Amy xxoo!

Amy, email your address to me at and I'll post the mega prize pack of amazing specialness to you stat!

Here's my original and, let's face it,  fairly precocious opening paragraphs again for your delectation;

 A piercing shriek echoed through the dank corridors of the musty dungeon.  As the warden laughed evilly, he threw the lifeless form of Letitia Bouvier to the ground of the filthy, slime-ridden cell.  Her sodden dress clung to her body, drenched with her own blood.  The warden jangled the cell keys in his pocket, gave Letitia's still, pitiful body a last kick, and made his way to the door.
     "No!" An unrecognisable form threw himself against the bars of his cell.  The warden stopped in his tracks.  Turning round to stare coldly at the man, he sneered, "You'd better watch your step, Sir Gulliver.  The Baron can arrange special treatment for you too if you wish."  He threw back his head and laughed.
     Long after the warden had left, the evil laugh still echoed in Sir Gulliver's head.  As he stared at Letitia's pathetic body, he muttered under his breath, "Letitia will be avenged, I swear it on my brave father's grace."
     His tangled hair covered his distinctively aristocratic features, for he was a man of exquisite parentage, betrothed to the lovely Letitia....

And here's Amy's entry;

Sir Gulliver counted himself lucky that he had the fortune to find Letitia's long lost twin sister in that back woods, swamp bog of a village. Now here they were, at the altar, and he could live happily ever after with the living embodiment of his first true love.... And her ghost.The end.

Frankly I like the way Sir Gulliver just picked himself and got on with it, none of this pining away like a pathetic consumptive business. Seems a nice sensible chap really.  Just what I would do in his place.

Amy has a blog too, go and say hello!!

Thanks everyone who entered you are all totally high-larious. I'm sure you are all deadset devo that you didn't win but maybe, just maybe, I will come up with another equally covetous prize in the near future!

Or if anyone out there has some deadly freebies to shove my way let me know.

Bye byes!


  1. FIX! FIX! I was bloody robbed! So, what am I supposed to do now? Buy my own bloody straws? This is an outrageous travesty...blah....blah....Ha! Congrats to Amy!

    1. Sulky let's be honest, I couldn't face the cost of postage to the UK.Hehehe.

  2. You mean.... I won the straws?! Bahaha....what a start to the week!

  3. As a twin- I object to this ending! Although, my twin's gay... so congrats Amy!

    1. It is a bit twin-ist. I'll have to have a word to Amy about her reductionist view of the world of twins.


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