Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On the occasion of his first birthday.

WARNING: Slightly emo parenting blog post alert!!

Baby B turned one on Sunday, and frankly I'm in a glass case of emotion about it.

We're only having two babies, and every time I look at him I realise he is the last baby who will snuggle into me, babble at me, chuckle at me.  And now he's one, he's getting that bit closer to stopping all the baby stuff.

I didn't remember to write much down about P when she was a baby. I did find a Word document saved somewhere on the computer yesterday that contained lots of her words and phrases from 15 months onwards thank goodness, but nothing from when she was one.  Silly me.

But I can write some stuff down about B.

B can say "Mama", "Dada", and "nana" (like "banana").  Nana is his favourite thing so that he seems to call everything he wants "nana".

He can play "peekaboo" with us, clap hands, and babble long sentences that I feel I can almost decipher sometimes.

He can pull up to stand, and crawl as fast as any baby I've seen.

If I ask him "Kiss for mummy?" he sometimes plants one on my lips, but sometimes he frowns and shakes his head vigorously instead.  Cheeky.

He bops along to music like a maniac on the dancefloor.  His favourite is La Roux "Going in for the Kill" or whatever it's called.  How hip am I?

He sleeps like a log all through the night, alone in his room, with the door shut, in the pitch dark.  I know!  God bless second babies.

He laughs all the time, but nobody can get quite the belly laugh out of him that P does.  He adores her.  P has a special teddy called "Beanie".  It's a pink one of those weird Beanie Baby things (Google it).  She asked if we could buy B a blue Beanie for his birthday, so I took her to the shops and she chose one.  She called him "Jack Beanie", like Jack and the Beanstalk.  Naturally she is monopolising both Beanies but B doesn't mind.  Yet.

He is a dear, sweet, cuddly, loving and lovable baby boy and we adore him.

Happy birthday to our darling boy, and may he always find life as easy and full of joy as he does right now.

Me and P on her first birthday.

Me and B on his first birthday.


  1. Happy First Birthday to little B. So cute! And he sleeps through the night!!? Count your lucky stars.

    1. He does! Except of course last night he was up all night with croup. Murphy's Law!

  2. oh I miss having babies!

    Happy Birthday little one and Happy Birthing day to you my lovely.

  3. He is GORGEOUS. And god - I remember that so well. The ache as each little bit of babyness ebbs away… the last breastfeed, growing out of clothes.. I'll stop now so you don't start singing that song and wailing ;) The good news is the closeness of the sibling bond that develops as they grow into proper little 'people', and, I've found, those real snuggles from the youngest seem to last a bit longer than with the first. They will always be your snuggle bunny. Even at 4!

    1. I'm so emotional about it. I wished P's babyhood away in a fog of depressed sleep deprivation, and now I'm sorry. I'm trying to enjoy everything with B. Poor first guinea pig child P. Hope she's not too scarred...

  4. Happy belated birthday, sweet little boy


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