Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just call me Dopey. Or Sleepy, or Sneezy, or Doc, whatever.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.


I'm going back to work tomorrow after 12 months maternity leave.

Things I am worried about include...

1) Baby B at daycare. Sob. He's being eased into it by short stints for the moment, but still. Sob.

2) The commute.

3) Not having lost all the weight I wanted to. Drat.

4) Having to dig my brain out from storage.

5) The commute.

6) The commute.

7) Various big changes that have happened at work while I was away. [Shakes fist].

8) Not knowing who I'm job sharing with and other Unknown Unknowns.

Things I am looking forward to are...

1) Alone time in the toilet. A cliche, I know. Well I'm just assuming there won't be any awkward loo sharing moments with my colleagues but I guess you never know.

2) Wearing work clothes, such as they are.

3) Using my brain. A bit. Such as it is.

4) Seeing old colleagues. Such as they are. Hehe.

5) Air-con-freaking-ditioning. Hallelujah!

But basically I'm crapping my dacks.

Still, I've got my tiger striped hair and newly plucked eyebrows to get me through.  The tiger hair (trust me, oh unbelievers, the photo yesterday did not reveal the full hair situation) makes me think of that song "Eye of the Tiger" which in turn makes me think of Rocky which I will choose to see as a sign that I am TOTALLY CAPABLE "facing up to the challenge of my riiiivvaaallls".  Whoever they may be.

So, think of me tomorrow.  I'll be hangin' tough and stayin' hungry.

And probs sobbing like a big girly girl into my breakfast smoothie.

Hold me.

Or at least write something comforting in the comments.

The kindy bags are packed.  Sob sobbity sob sob sooooobbbbbb sniff snort dribble blub...


  1. Oh love, I can report after returning to work that the wearing of work clothes, the air conditioning, the solo toilet trips and NOT HAVING TO SHARE MY LUNCH (!!) make it all worth it. You'll be fine. Enjoy! x

  2. Wishing you all the best of luck with the big day. You'll be fine. Enjoy eating your lunch without a baby on your lap.

  3. I'm going back tomorrow after 2.5 weeks on holidays and am heading into past-holiday blues as I type and having a cuddle with my little girl right now as I'm gonna miss the crap out of her - so I think it's perfectly normal and totally reasonable for you to be crapping your dacks and sobbing after 12 months mat leave. Good luck with the return, and savour your alone toilet time x

    1. Thanks Mandie, I'm hoping to spend most of my time in the loo so we will see how that works.

  4. you have summed it up so well
    There are highs (yes lunch AND the toilet all to yourself)...
    and lows ....leaving the kiddoes
    But really there is some awesomeness in it all

    And learn to love the commute - time to yourself...I had about a 60-90min drive and got through heaps of podcasts and audiobooks and just child free silence, thinking time so embrace the commute.

    All the best!

    1. Yes you are right, I remember the commute being quite soothing in the past, I just get panicky that something will happen at kindy and I'm an.hour away. Urgh

  5. It'll be really tough, for about the first FIVE MINUTES! Then you'll get back into the swing of things, drinking coffee every 20 minutes, re-discovering the lost art of "looking oh-so-busy" gossiping about over-paid and under-worked slackers,bitching about somebody's reluctance to bathe regularly,and generally having a few laughs with the trusted few. (or is that just me?) How long is the commute, are you driving or training it? You will be absolutely FINE!!!

    1. Omg Sulky do you work at my place??? This is totally how my day goes! I'm not worried about work I'm sort of looking forward to it, but I'm dreading the complications that arise when you add another working parent with a long commutebto the mix. I'll be driving but there's possible developments with our carpark so I might have to train in the future. If so I am getting myself a laptop stat.

  6. ooo Godd luck hun - you will so rock that first day back as will the kids at their kindy. it is a big day though so be kind to yourself if you shed some tears .... I did .... by the bucketloads lol. xx

    1. Thanks Sonia. I'm hoping people remember who I am it feels like such a long time away!

  7. I hope your day goes well, you will be fine. Enjoy the serenity of the toilet, alone.

  8. If one of the spin offs of having children is coming to treasure alone time in the shared office toilet cubicles, I'll never ever ever have another thought about exercising my womb.

    Good eyebrows are a powerful force. You'll be just fine.

    1. Z, there are MANY BEEYOODIFUL things about having bebbies, many many. Many. I'm serious. And frankly I was disappointed in the office toilet experience. Not enough toddler.

  9. Hope day one went well and commute and baby day care was fine. And that stripey hair was well-received by workplace. And that you are not too exhausted, or if you are it is the tiredness that comes from working hard, not emotional exhaustion.

    1. Thanks Lucinda, all went pretty well, we are all still alive and not scarred!


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