Monday, January 7, 2013

The Life of Pitch Perfect.

Hey slappers.

I know youse are all keen to hear how the first day back to work went, but you'll have to wait til tomorrow before you get the full story.

Suffice to say we all made it through the day without any permanent emotional scarring, thanks for asking.

I can't fill you in just yet, because I have to write other stuff tonight. As you all know, I live an active, artistically and emotionally dynamic existence. So dynamic that I am struggling to keep the blog up to date with all the rampant socialising and entertainment that's been going down in these parts. Is it just me or did that sound a bit ruuuddeee? But I digress...

Let it be known that over the last week I have gone to the cinema not just once, but twice!!!! To see different movies! And one of them was on a DATE with M! Phwwooaaaarrrr...hahaaaahahaha. hahaha. Haha. Ha.

Aaannnyyyhoo, the first movie I caught was with my girl K on Friday night. We went to that notable gourmet establishment Fasta Pasta for dinner and moaned about our minor woes whilst shoveling carbs into our faces. Satisfying. This was followed by what just might be the BEST MOVIE EVER! I am NOT kidding.

Pitch Perfect, people! See what I did there? Alliterated the shit out of that sentence cos that's how I roll.

But seriously. Pitch. Perfect. OMG.

I have not enjoyed a movie like I enjoyed this one since, gosh, I don't know when.
Be warned though, my loyal readers. Do not attempt to enjoy this movie if you do not endorse, or are intolerant to, the following things...

- cliche
- sexual innuendo
- Glee
- fat jokes
- lesbian jokes
- Popular Music from the Hit Parade
- young people
- Glee
- cliches

I myself am hardcore good at casting aside all morals and good taste in the name of a good larrfff. Or in the name of awesomeness in the form of a COLLEGE A CAPELLA GROUP COMPETITION MOVIE.

So. Good.

I swung wildly between feeling pure and unadulterated pleasure at the simple Glee-tastic-ness of the artform, and stomach churning jealousy, as I yearned for the chance to go back in time so I could participate in such a phenomenon myself.

Why was I never in a college A Capella group!!??? WHYYYYYYY!!?? Oh, all those lost, wasted years, I could have been harmonising like a mofo..the pain, the pain of it all...

I take back everything I said about being a teenager again, I DO WANT TO BE A TEENAGER AND SING DAVID GUETTA AND LA ROUX SONGS IN AN A CAPELLA GROUP.  And be all indy and cool in spite of it all.  And get a spunky boyfriend who loves The Breakfast Club and just wants to HELP ME and GET CLOSE TO ME AND BREAK DOWN THAT GODDAMN WALL I'VE BUILT AROUND MYSELF SINCE MY PARENTS' BAD DIVORCE...ahem.  Sorry about that.  I guess we all need a dream...

I did do music at school and I suppose we did a bit of singing, but frankly my memories of our reedy three part harmony version of "Scarborough Fair" sung to the tinny backing tape we had made JUST DON'T CUT IT! Old school friend D, do you remember?  No funky dance moves there I'm afraid...such a waste.

OK, so the second movie I saw was with M, on Saturday night.  The Life of Pi.
I'd read the book and remembered that I loved it but I couldn't remember the story really.  I know why now, I'd probably repressed the memory because far out.  Talk about nightmares.  For the record it contains basically all of my irrational fears in one.

- Being on a ship
- Being in a storm on a ship
- Being in a storm on a ship in the middle of the deep ocean
- Being in a shipwreck in a storm on a ship in the middle of the deep ocean
- Being in a tiny lifeboat in a storm in the middle of the deep ocean
- Falling out of the lifeboat in a storm in the middle of the deep ocean. With sharks. skin is crawling just writing this....

So all of those fears plus some I've never even thought of including -

- Being in a tiny lifeboat in the middle of the ocean WITH A HUGE BENGAL TIGER. And briefly a hyena. And zebra. And orangutan. No prizes as to how long the other animals last.
- Carniverous islands

If I could sum up this movie in a non-authentic haiku it would be -

The boy and the tiger
In a boat
Or were they?

Carry on, my well-read and movie-loving public.

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  1. I like to think of myself as more of a Dasher than a Slapper(pathetic sniff)! I was thinking of going to see Pitch perfect, but you would have to threaten to bludgeon a litter of puppies to death before I'd watch the other one. Just seeing the trailer for that was enough to make me want to regurgitate my own intestines.Glad your first day back went OK!

    1. Yes it was scary! Pitch Perfect deserves an Oscar.

  2. You know I was fifteen years ahead of my time when I was in Voiceworks! We still need to see Les Miserables xx

    1. Jane I'm so jealous of your Voiceworks career. Let's go to Les Mis on Thursday maybe, I'll call you x

  3. I loved Pitch Perfect too. Rebel Wilson was great as Fat Amy - the way she delivered some of her lines were ACA-HILARIOUS.

  4. I NEED to see Pitch Perfect. Seriously, need to. I loves me a good college chick flick.
    Saw Les Mis last week. Cried and cried and sobbed and cried and wailed and snorted and cried. Loved every painful, miserable, spine-tingling moment, though! Then I cried some more.

    1. Cannot wait for Les Mis. Hoping to go this week or weekend xx

  5. Sounds like I had better get myself to the movies!


  6. well how did it go at work?

    Haven't seen a movie in ages...but did see the ALexander the Great exhibition at the Australian Museum..Who were all those people who kept getting in my way?

    don't mind me Im in one of those work no less

    1. Work ok, will update tonight. Hey, I'm ALWAYS in one of those moods, hahaha.

  7. Well, you know how my trip to the movies turned out. But I'm determined to get to the movies at least another 3 times this summer. Asking too much?
    Not sure if I'd be up for Perfect Pitch but I am busting to see Les Mis.

    1. Me too, I can't believe I haven't seen it yet! So funny that you and I both watched, or tried to watch, Life of Pi and then blogged about it. HAHA.

  8. I so want to see Pitch Perfect, it is definitely a movie I know I would love. Funnily enough though I too went to the movies twice in a week and once was with the hubby! With Dave we saw The Hobbit, not realising thatit was gonna be the first part of three movies so we felt a little ripped off at the end. But it was ok. The second movie though, OH My FUCKING GOD!!! Best movie I have ever seen. Ever! And my new fave movie. Les Mis. Seriously, you gotta get yourself to see it. It is fan-FUCKING-tastic! I can't express to you how amazing it was. Just go. Do whatever you have to do to get there but make sure you do! I want to see it again it was so good!

    1. I am going next week! Cannot believe I have left it this long arghhh!!

  9. I'm very jealous, I haven't been to a movie for too long. Hubby and I have a voucher to use up, so we'll have to make an effort... if we can ever agree on a flick to see!

    1. Yes use that voucher stat! We have similar dramas with deciding on movies. He was not into the Hobbit or les mis, bah! I'll have to go with girlfriends...thanks for commenting!!

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