Thursday, January 31, 2013

Party Planning.

Went for a walk this morning, and you know what it made me think of? Why, it was just like hiking around the Swiss alps! So INVIGORATING and BRISK! I felt so energised and full of vim and vigour after that, just like I was in a Norsca ad! I simply love to get my alpine on at any given opportunity.*

Summer in Queensland. You are a cruel mistress. I think I hate you. Come back winter, I'm sorry I was nasty. I'll never complain about being cold ever again.**

P dressed herself in a corduroy skirt and cardigan this morning. I know, I think I started schvitzing like a shmendrek just looking at her.  Whatever that means.

In other ACTUAL news, I hear that our glorious leader Julia's called a federal election for September. Interesting times.

I love a good election. Lots of people are speculating as to why old Joolz has given us all such a huge lead in time.  Well, it's obvious you dummies! This unusually extended campaigning period will give us all plenty of time to plan associated election parties, a la Don's Party. Frankly the last election (which was a state one anyway) was a fizzer socially and I for one am determined to improve things this year.  It was damned considerate of the PM to think about the most important part of the whole voting caper, the booze up afterwards.  Good work Julia.

The election party to end all election parties was undoubtedly the one we attended for the federal election in 2007. Without declaring my hand, politically speaking,  we were all very excited that year for some reason. Anyway, it was at my friend J's house. She was the hostess with the mostess. 

We all dressed in electorally themed costumes. There was a Pork Barrel, an Aspirational Voter, a Blue Ribbon Liberal, a Trade Unionist, a Blue Collar Worker and Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Peter Garrett even put in appearances!

We played an amusing drinking game with colour coordinated shots. Blue for Libs, Red for Labor, Green for, well, the Greens.

There may have been a mullet wig that did the rounds as well.

It was so much fun.

I don't know if it can be topped but we should try. Although it might be more of a wake than a celebration. Just saying.

Save the date dudes.

EDITED TO ADD: Tune in every Friday for my Slapdash Election 2013 Recap.  Can't be bothered reading the paper? Too depressed by the news?  Disengaged, confused, bored, indifferent, downright APATHETIC?  Fear not my Slapdash Army.  Let me tell you what to think.


*Am using that old faithful literary technique IRONY again. As is my wont.

**We all know I'm lying here. Don't tell Old Man Winter though, I need to get into his good books.


  1. That Joolia - she called it for the 14th knowing full well that its my birthday.

    1. All the more reason to get your party on Brenda!

  2. You look dashing in the mullet (pronounced Moo-ley).
    Looking forward to your political posts in the lead-up to said election.xx

    1. Thanks k. I might do an election series. Yes I might.

  3. So, the next time someone asks which political party I support, I'll just say the one with the most booze and mullet wigs.

    1. Precisely Sulky! The mullet maketh the politician.

  4. Oh, jeez, not another election. Sigh. Humpty or Dumpty, and may gawd have mercies on all our souls. Partying sounds like a great idea, I may take up drinking just to get through it :)

    Deffo agree with you on the hating summer front. If there were a word that meant loathe with every fibre of my being (lobreing?) I would use that. I've yet to come across a winter in Qld yet, but I've only been here 13 years, there's a first time for everything ;)

  5. starting to look forward to your election coverage already though I think things wont continue at this pace till September ..just saying

    Lazy parenting eh ? Im was/am pretty bad but all that lying around reading made/makes me a trivia queen.

    reason for the Past/present tenses is that eternal question are you still parenting grown up children ?

    1. Lying around reading us exactly what we should all do more of it.
      I think maybe the parenting never ends! Mum and dad still help me and influence me in their way.


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