Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hot stuff. Pants off. Logging the forest.

Gosh what a day it was yesterday. Hot as Hades. I've been alerted to the fact that some people don't like discussing (aka complaining about) the weather. It's my favourite pastime! What's one to do instead? I suppose I could read improving works, take up knitting, become a triathlete or at the very least resurrect my fleeting dalliance with jogging, but frankly none of those options give me the same warm inner glow as my current penchant for moaning about climatic developments. So I will just stick with what I know if it's all the same to you.

Nutmeg the cat escaping the heat. Her eyes are glowing in an appropriately hellish manner.

Nudie summer baby engaging in illicit tree handling.

The heat is making us all vague. Mum's staying with us for a couple of days. This morning we had this conversation.

Mum: If you're looking for your walking hat, it's in the spare room here.
Me: Really?
Mum: Yes.
Me: I don't know how it got in there.
Mum: No.
Me: Presumably I went in there while I was wearing it.
Mum: Yeah.
Me: And then took it off.
Mum: Probably.


Yesterday the Fox in Flats Darecember dare was "on your head". I started off with this sort of arrangement.

But because I was headed off for an appointment with the gynaecologist, I felt it was a little inappropriate, kind of like I was trying too hard for a first date or something so I panicked and changed it for this old staple.

Sunnies atop head.  Imaginative it isn't.

Much less "Come hither you big love machine, let's dance some salsa together and drink sangria" and more "Ok buddy, we both know why I'm here. I'll just get my dacks off pronto, so we can get on with this unsavoury business and move on with our lives".

I'm going to get my body hair waxed today. I've obviously got a taste for getting strangers to manhandle my person this week. I've only ever had the ole bikini line waxed once before and afterwards I was left bleeding, trembling and weepy from the agony. Actually even just writing this makes me want to rethink it and just go with the old faithful eyebrow wax.  Although if I go through with it, the upside is that I'll probably be able to make a rug out of the resulting de-pelted fuzz.

Today the Darecember dare is to wear a brooch. I've got a variety of options...not sure what to go with.

A cornucopia of brooch-like options.  Not really. A measly collection if ever I saw one.

In the next episode - which brooch will I have chosen? Eyebrow wax or full body deforestation? Will I locate some clean underwear or be forced to go commando?
You'll have to wait with breathless anticipation for the next installment to find out.

Until then, devoted readers, I bid you good day.

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  1. and a good day to you too.

    You and me, we need to get together get drunk on sangrias.

    And complain about the weather.

    1. Kelley that sounds hardcore like my idea of a good time!! Count me in.

  2. Hope the waxing went well - you are being very brave bearing yourself to others this week.

    1. Ha! Yes maybe I should have chosen a less "revealing" post!! Thank you for commenting Melissa.

  3. Ahhh, the dreaded summer wax. Stupid bikini line. I hope it survived the torture. In other news, it's going to be stinking hot here tomorrow - and I'm likely going be complaining about it all day. To everyone.

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one re weather commentary! Bikini line surprisingly ok...they upsold me some anti ingrown hair shizz that is doing the trick thank the lord. Thank u for commenting Mandie :-)

  4. Thats a decent brooch collection compared to! Ouch, the waxing bears not thinking about.

    1. Yes ouch indeed. Although the lady this time round did a much gentler job, only a few.faint pinpricks of blood! A vast improvement! Thanks.for commenting Alicia.

  5. On one such waxing occasion the beautician asked me to please stop screaming as it was off putting for the clients waiting outside. Damn straight it was! ( being off putting not the fuzz ;-) )

    1. I know! My bikini line is tenacious to say the least and I can practically feel the hairs digging their heels in and screaming "I'm too young to die!" as they are untimely plucked.

  6. Hasn't the weather been insane? Whinge away...I will gladly join you.
    I love the rose brooch. Very pretty and bright.
    Hope the waxing went okay :) x

    1. Totally craze balls. Waxing completed without much pain except to my hip pocket. Thanks for visiting the blog Grace.


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