Friday, December 14, 2012

My week, a synopsis in photographs

I'm finding it difficult to get a moment to myself to write this blog.  So here's a speedy update on my week in photographic form, for those who are interested, although why you would be is anyone's guess!  I tried to start it twenty million times with P and B at my feet "writing" Christmas cards and so forth but not a moment's peace was to be had. I usually do as much as I can on my phone in any snippets of calm I have, but I still have to tweak it properly on the ole fashioned desktop computer.

I cannot work under these conditions people I AM AN ARTEEEESSST!

Also, I've been shamelessly flogging the blog around the traps and have successfully ensnared some new readers.  Hello to you all my new friends!

OK so here it goes for what it's worth.

  • I invented a new word, sangry. You're sangry when you feel like this - 

Oh woe is me, I'm failing the kids, I'm an awful Mum, I'm never going to have a meaningful career, my daughter hates me, boo hoo hoo hoo 
        And then immediately feel like this - 

Grrrrr the house is so MESSY no matter what I do, I may as well be a frigging char lady, all I do is argue with the toddler and wipe arses, it makes me so MAD I WANT TO KICK A SMALL DOG BUT I CAN'T SO I'M JUST GOING TO SCREAM LIKE A BANSHEE AT MY HUSBAND!
 And then like this again -

Oh the world is so full of cruelty and horror, global warming, war, Tony Abbott, famine, misogyny, it's all too much, {sobs into pillow}.

Closely followed by - 

If I hear one more word about RADIO BROADCASTERS ACTING LIKE ARSES or if one more person bags out Julia Gillard JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN WITH RED HAIR or if P does ANOTHER wee on the floor I am going to go OFF LIKE A FIRECRACKER OR AT THE VERY LEAST SCREAM LIKE A BANSHEE AT MY HUSBAND!!!

Sound familiar anyone?  We all get sangry from time to time.  Let it all out folks, breath out sangry, breathe in love.

  • I remained more or less committeed to Fox in Flats #darecember. Get ready for some hardcore selfie action you guys.

Neck party

Red nail polish

Animal print

All black

  •  This happened - 

Then this happened - 

Then this happened again - 

See "sangry" entry above for further details.

  • Cute baby crap went down

Hee hee


  •  This happened. For ages. WTF.

Sharpness of mind and clarity of thought, I has it.

  •  I had a Tupperware party.  I know.

Wore this.

Baked this.

Scored free shit.

What have youse guys been up to?  Get about in mismatching clothes? Yell abuse at your husband?  Score some noice free plastic gear? I want to hear it all.


  1. Hahaha sangry! Too funny.
    I've been into the Tupperware lately. It used to not be cool (to me). Maybe it's cool now because I'm in my 30s.
    Are you on Instagram? With a photo stream like that, you should be!

    1. I know, what is UP with the Tupperware situ? It's the new black. Yeah I'm on IG, @sarahmacwal, call me, maybe?

  2. Hey there, I tagged you for a Sunshine Award in my latest blog post. The idea of the Sunshine award is that bloggers tag other bloggers that they think are deserving of acknowledgement and link them to their page.

    See you in the soup!

  3. Hey there, I tagged you for a Sunshine Award in my latest blog post. The idea of the Sunshine award is that bloggers tag other bloggers that they think are deserving of acknowledgement and link them to their page. As you know, I was tagged, so am sharing the love :)

    See you in the soup!

    1. It is just hilarious that I tagged you for this and read your blog and still did not click that it was when you commented on my post - I may have mentioned, I am not neuro typical!

  4. Replies
    1. Good to hear!! Thanks for stopping by Caroline :-)

  5. Careful with the faces, the wind may change!

    1. Too late! my face looks like this all the time!

  6. Your captions for sangry had me with tears rolling down my face. It was like you transported me right back in time to 3 years ago! Ah the memories, the memories.

    Love the mismatched shoes too - I think I went out once with a shirt on inside out. :)

    1. Kalimna I am feeling uber sangry today! The heat, sick kid, sick me, filthy house. Wahhhh!

  7. ha ha yep have done the odd shoe thing would you believe threw shoes in the car to drive the 90 mins to work (see previous comment about retn to work) only to get their and find yes two black shoes but one a flat and one a heel. Sat there for a moment thinking s%it, B*gger, b&um, Poop what the F do I do and then used it as an excuse to nip into the shops and buy some new shoes haha.

    BTW I LOVE the shoe on the LEFT with the crisscross and buckles. What are they/where are they from?? Details please

    1. They are both Birkenstocks Michele. I got that pair from, can't remember the style name sorry!!


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