Thursday, October 22, 2015

Teaching. If you can call it that.

Hello there. I like to update my blog once a quarter whether I need to or not.

How is everything, I hear you ask? Well, look, good and bad.  Swings and roundabouts.  Ups and downs, as they say.

Did I mention I'd finished my delightful temporary gig as librarian at a charming all-girls school? No? Well, I finished it, which was sad.  So I started a new temporary gig as an English teacher at a large outer-suburban state high school.

Why did I decide to do teaching again? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Because basically I can't remember right now.

The bad classes like me again now, but the good class (and I use that term RATHER LOOSELY) have decided they hate me.

This is testing my previously staunch dedication to state education.  WHERE ARE PEOPLE'S MANNERS????? WHERE???

In what can only be described as an UP that is keeping me moving, I found out I got a position as a Teacher Librarian at a small Catholic girls high school.  Full time. Permanent. I know. MUCH EXCITE! SO LIBRARY! VERY BOOK! ALL GIRLS SCHOOL!

Downside; doesn't start til 2016. So on I persist, dragging the reluctant teenage dirtbags through their final assessment items while their previous beloved teacher goes on maternity leave.  SO EASY RIGHT!? NO PROBLEMS HERE! PIECE OF CAKE!

OMG.  Say what you will about private schools, behaviour management is not even a thing there.  I know. I hate myself too. 

I can only hope they change my email code from sxmcc10.  Yes that's right. Sex Mac. That's the email address I have to give out to the kids.  Needless to say I have avoided it so far and placed a request that some NERDISH type in the IT help centre change it POST HASTE.  This is happening VERY SLOWLY.  Like everything seems to at the educational government department I am referring to.

I say bring back the cane*

*just kidding. The cane's too soft for the little bastards.**

And every day I wake up I try AGAIN to be kind and understanding yet firm and GOD ALMIGHTY sometimes it goes dreadfully wrong.

Tell me it will be ok? Please?
ME EVERY DAY NOW *insert sad face*


  1. The joys of being a teacher! SD had a review recently and was told that apparently you are not allowed to raise your voice because it's intimidating/confrontational (so no shouting when you are trying to ref a football match!) - You can't look students in the eye because, intimidating/confrontational (but mad, darting around eyes are apparently ok) and you can't stand in front of them and talk directly to them (so stand to one side and don't look at them while you whisper) because well ... INTIMIDATING - I suggested that all communication between teacher and student should therefore in future be through the medium of interpretive dance (preferably on tiptoe with lots of head bobbing). That'll freak the little bastards out!

  2. Remember my days at ye old state high school. My father was the principal. He was 6'4" Irish and mental as anything. Once some kids stole a couple of boxes (well maybe more) from his stationery cupboard. He made the whole school (over 1000 Kids) stop their classes in the middle of the afternoon and byo chair to the assembly hall. He then proceeded to scream and rant at us all. Even made the teachers cry. No wonder I never had a boyfriend at high school :( He did get back the pens though.

    1. He sounds like my Dad. When the hall at my high school was locked on the morning of the QCS test and nobody had the keys, Dad kicked the door in. He is also Irish. Hmm...

  3. Dear Sexy Mac
    I am just here to tell you it will be OKAY and to hang in there!!!! Post haste. The workers have short memories and every day is usually a new day for them, so you act accordingly. I have been chipping away at the chalkface for TWO DECADES!!! I can give good advice. They can be TRYING. And don't try to rush EQ. It won't work.
    Your Library gig sounds very good. Well done. A+++
    Best wishes
    Your fellow Pedagogue

    1. Why hello Flora and fellow pedagogue! Thank you for your sage advice. I had another DIFFICULT DAY at the chalkface and am struggling to understand why I am doing it. Still hey ho tomorrow is another day and all that.

  4. UGH private school kids, not a teacher but I seriously experienced the most shocking ostracism in a private school as a teenager which has made me think pretty poorly of behaviour management in places.
    I did do a placement a different private school when I was studying and I remember the teacher saying on the quiet that it is very difficult to deal with behaviour issues with parent who will come in and use the "I pay a lot of money to this school" card rather than deal with the fact that their kid might have issues.

    1. Yes I'm sure they have their downsides but from where I'm looking I don't know that I can see them at the moment.

  5. Hang on. You've updated your blog! There's life in the young girl yet. I'm thrilled.


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