Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Concussion. Patterned pants. Teen style.

Had a nasty old day yesterday.  P hit her head at kindy which eventuated in what was most probably a mild concussion.  Vomiting and wooziness and an ambulance trip to the hospital ensued.

B playing with the vomit bag.  Hours of fun.

Awful.  I am sorry to say I panicked like there was no tomorrow and was not the cool, calm, collected parent I should have been.  But luckily all's well that ends well.  This afternoon she perked up and is really back to her old self and I even got a chance to shampoo the vomit out of her hair that had been there for over 24 hours.  And in a pleasant coincidence the gardenia outside her window is in bloom so I picked a couple to disguise the vague scent of old spew that is wafting round her little den.

Favourite smell in the world.  Way better than old vomit.

Hopefully tomorrow she'll be absolutely as good as new, capricious little despot that she is.  Yesterday morning (before the concussion incident) she stood up on one of the dining chairs, threw her arms out in the air and shouted, "The world is ours!!!" I asked her where she'd heard that. She answered, "In my ears!" 


As is my wont, I've been distracting myself from worry by thinking about sartorial issues.
So I've noticed that patterned pants are all the rage at the moment.  Although I've embraced the coloured skinny jean with a wild and gay abandon, I'm hesitant to do the same with the patterned pant.  I've been erring on the side of, "Never in a million years could I wear a patterned pant!"

And then I was looking at some old photos from my high school years, which, let's be honest, weren't yesterday, and I found these.

Check it out!  Patterned pants!

I'm the one with the jauntily cocked knee.  Like my metallic Doc Martens?  So 1997 people!

Here they are on another outing!  I must have loved them.  You can see here my friend S (far right) is also embracing a patterned pant, however I think you will agree mine are FAR SUPERIOR (sorry S).  So blue, so boot-legged, so be-checked.

Looking at these pics reminded me that when I was in my final year of high school, there was an American exchange student who we hung round with a bit. At one point, toward the end of what I think was a generally rather disappointing stay in the Land Down Under, he looked into my eyes and said that there was this girl he really liked.
"Oh yes?" I said. "Who?"
He looked meaningfully at me and said, "Well, she has really bad dress sense."
"Oh," I said.

I thought to myself, "Well that rules me out then because nobody could possibly say that about me.  AS IF!!!??  Because I have totally AWESOME and UNIQUE fashion forward style.  I am totally WITH IT and TRENDY and NOW!  Sometimes I even wear my blue checked pants with a MAROON TIE-DIED SHIRT! And who doesn't like tie-dye?"

And then later that night someone told me that I was the one he had the hots for.  This caused me a major rethink and challenged my perception of myself as a stylish, yet quirky, individual.  WHAT!!??? I thought, BAD DRESS SENSE!!!?  Who knew? I was HORRIFIED.

Looking back now, I say, you go girlfriend!  Rock those tight checked pants and transparent blouse, kick some ass in those bad boy boots, let the world see your dark coloured bra underneath your transparent white blouse, work that tie-dyed t-shirt from Just Jeans.  What  do teenage boys know about FASHION and STYLE and being downright FUNKY anyway?

I think I am inspired by my younger self to go the patterned pant.

I don't know if I could go quite this far though...

These are from ASOS, in case you want to just throw caution to the wind and dive into the trend that is the patterned pant with matching crop top.  No judgement here my friends.


  1. To pattern or not to pattern..I know the question.

    I used to be very anti pattern but in my older age I am relaxing the rule a bit. I stress a bit !

    Your friend in the short skirt has the best legs...mine are not my best feature I always notice other women's legs or in this case girl's legs.

    Glad your daughter is on the mend . We all panic at times ..try not to stress too much ..

    1. She had great legs then and still does now!
      P still isn't quite herself, I made myself sick with worry again yesterday after some odd behaviour but I'm sure it will be ok. My nerves are shredded!

  2. Sarah, I look forward to your posts. You have taught me much. For instance, Paul and I had assumed that Gaspard and Lisa were bunnies. We obviously didn't pay attention to their obviously doggy tails. Jo A

  3. Is Miss P back to her old self? What a terrible fright for you and poor little P too.

    I am firmly backing away from the patterned jean/pant trend. In its current state, the last thing my bottom needs is to be patterned!

    ps - Like Jo A I also thought G&L were rabbits. Tails or not t I still contend that they have strange ears for dogs.

    1. Oh my gosh, i just asked P and she says they are rabbits too! I have lost confidence now. Still, my original question remains relevant! P is seemingly back to normal today. I was beside myself again Thurs when she had a weird turn but after visit to doc again all seems ok. So stressful. SS, I would only wear patterned pants with a huge voluminous top to conceal my bottom, dont you worry.


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