Monday, October 8, 2012

Napoleon. Spirited children. Insomnia

I'm feeling a bit defeated by P and her 3-year-oldness at the moment. It's like living under a totalitarian regime run by a sociopathic midget.

Napoleon - renowned military leader, nude trampolinist (not really) and romantic novelist (really!).  I'm seeing definite synergies here folks.

As a result, this is my next reading project.

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I also had galloping insomnia last night, which didn't help. I finally got to sleep at 2.30am, only to be woken again for the day at 4.30am by the baby.  I'm so tired that it was only after I stood up from the loo that I realized the end of my belt was hanging down inside the bowl, and that I had accidentally weed on it. The shame.

I'll leave you with these childrearing tips from a simpler time in the Old Country.

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