Monday, October 29, 2012

Hedonism. Supre.

I have a streaming cold, therefore my patience is at a low ebb.  I'll make this short and sweet.  Went up to the Family Compound with the sprogs this weekend again.  M stayed at home in order to catch up on an entire semester worth of study for a uni subject he is doing.  As you do.  He has led me to believe that he was indeed burning the midnight oil and studying the shit out of those textbooks.

How M hopefully spent the weekend. [Source]

I'm sure he isn't fibbing to me.  And I'm hoping that "studying" isn't a euphemism for lying around in his jocks drinking red wine and watching Saxondale DVDs.

Hedonism bot says "I apologise for nothing!"

I was going to go hunting in the op shops again but my cold prevented me.

Incidentally, I did go and try on some patterned pants the other day.
The horror.  It looked like someone had vomited pina colada all over my ample buttocks and dimpled thighs.  Which isn't as good as it sounds.

I also made a trip to that well known high end pret-a-porter establishment, Supre.  I know, I am all class.  This time I had quite helpful service from the carrot-skinned teenager at the cash register.  The same couldn't be said for my visit before that.  I was purchasing a cutting-edge voluminous neon orange t-shirt and stood there for about an hour trying to interrupt their conversation.  When I finally did get served, the infant shopgirl said to me "D'ya wanna matching crop top with that shirt?".  I stared at her, uncomprehending, and then laughed the hollow laugh of a 30-something woman with two children and a correspondingly stretched and jubbled tummy.

"Those days are long gone my dear," I said to her.  She shrugged and said "You could wear it under stuff".

I think not.

I guess that's what I get for frequenting such establishments.  I should really be shopping at Miller's.

Hope everyone else had an equally exhilarating weekend.

Peace out.


  1. I have a cold too. Told you were twins.

    1. Ha! The situation is dire because the kids are sick too. Here's hoping M doesn't succumb...hope u get well soon.


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