Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Home alone on Halloween.

Home alone again for another night as a widow to the inevitable last minute assignment completion that occurs around this time during the term.  I told M and the kids at breakfast this morning that the blog now had 3 official "followers" and thirty something Facebook Fans so they better start treating me right or else, because now I am an InterWeb Sensation and I might start getting ideas.  Didn't do a bit of good, they all behaved exactly the same anyway.

I suppose I should do an obligatory Halloween Post.  I used to get really Scrooge like about Halloween, and rant on about the Americanisation of Australian Culture, Sugar is the Devil, trick or treating is unsafe, blah di blah blah, but let's face it, that ship has sailed now.  Particularly the whole Americanisation thing.  As if it's Halloween that is Americanising our culture.  Look around, people!  It's ALREADY HAPPENED!  We are watching the Frankenstorm LIKE IT IS HAPPENING IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!  May as well adopt the holidays too.  And Halloween isn't even American, it's originally Celtic or Briton or something.  All Hallow's Eve, remember?  I quite like the idea of adopting Thanksgiving too, it seems like a pleasant tradition.

So M bought 3 bags of lollies to hand out to the random kids who sometimes turn up.  But since he hasn't been here, I had all the lights out the front turned off and the door shut while I single-handedly wrangled both smalls into the bath and bed, and I think it must have put off potential callers.  I only had one,  a pushy girl who ran down the driveway and banged on the door, sullenly staring at me and muttering "Trick or Treat".  Nary a parent to be seen.  WTF?
As a kid I had a friend whose family always put on a Halloween party and it was really fun, they would organise the neighbourhood and we would all walk round the pre-arranged houses with our parents, trick or treating.  I find it really weird that people would just let their kids wander around random houses in their neighbourhood without planning it first.
Anyway, I gave her a mini Cherry Ripe and she slunk off without egging the car so we're ahead there.

So the laws of science and mathematics tell us that three bags of lollies/chocolates, minus one tiny Cherry Ripe bar, equals a shitload of leftovers, to the power of "Get in Mah Belly!".  Anyone see that episode of the Vicar of Dibley where she wakes up on the couch covered in chocolate wrappers after a big night on the good stuff?  That's pretty much how I look right now.

Couldn't find a pic of that episode so here's the one where she sticks her whole head in the chocolate fountain.  Same thing really. 


  1. Not only have I started on the leftovers due to the bath time close of shop, but I also ate the treats the lovely dear next door dropped over for team destructo... while watching burn notice on TV.... fail.... note burn notice is the crap pest TV show... ever. Kk xx

    1. Haha! I will have to take your word for it but it sounds dreadful. I have a sugar hangover this morning urgh.

  2. Soon you will have 3 million followers and rival Faux Fuchsia's amazing stats! I too have been stuffing my fat, furry face with sweeties. I'll be giving the kids dog biscuits before this night is over.

  3. I have a basket of pretty wrapped lolly treats taunting me. Bit disappointed actually - lanterns up the driveway, front light on, scary mask at the ready - and only one little girl and her mum. Mind you they were both in fetching red capes and horns, and the little girl was delighted to put two bundles in her empty basket. Now, there really is only one thing to do with the remaining 20 bundles ...

    1. Are you who I think you are Mary? Kristen Schaal is a horse? anyway I admire your self control, I've had to give my leftovers to the neighbours cos I kept fishing them out of the bin. I'm not kidding.

  4. Ha ha ha!
    That photo reminds me of the time I woke up from a drunken night covered in Paddle Pop sticks and wrappers!
    I can only imagine what the poor 7-11 guy thought when I bought his entire stock of rainbow Paddle Pops!


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