Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kindy mums. Comfort.

So I felt a bit out of place at the ole kindy mum's night.  Lucky I went with fellow mum J or I'd have been a total nigel no friends.

You were supposed to wander about and purchase things from the lady related stalls but they weren't really my thing.

So I ended up keeping it predictable and food related and purchased a nice jar of homemade marmalade.

I guess I was thinking it would all be a bit more Country Women's Associations-esque, which shows that I am both delusional and living in the wrong century.

It all made me want to go and hide behind the bike sheds and smoke a few durries.

Still, all in a good cause and they had free cheap sparkling wine so who am I to complain?

Also, in other food related news, M supported me in my new resolve to eat healthily and lose weight by baking an enormous boiled fruitcake today.

Note that a large portion has already been scoffed.

Any ideas on what I can replace my comfort eating habit with?  And none of that "oh just go for a walk", or "go for a manicure" stuff.  It needs to be something I can do in five seconds flat, either hunched over the sink while the kid is watching TV, or secreted in the pantry while she's nude trampolining.

Thanks, and goodnight.


  1. Oh Ive just discovered your blog. good on you! ah the school function ..always of a source of umm well lots of different emotions there.

    Exercise at the kitchen sink eh? have to put my mind to that one .

    That fruit cake looks fab. I too worship at the high alter of fruit cakedom...there's a surprising number of those who dont though.

    Off to subscribe to you !

    1. Hello smr! Yes it was the first taste of what I suspect lies ahead of me for a goodly number of years!! The fruitcake is not for everyone, but we are fans in this house! Even the toddler.


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