Monday, October 15, 2012

Mornings with P or, "Parenting: You're doing it wrong!"

"Parenting: You're doing it wrong!".  Actually, if this is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

P: Mummy, I'm huuuunnngrryyyy.
Me: Well darling, we've just had breakfast.  You'll just have to wait until morning tea, ok sweetie? Mummy needs to tidy up a bit. That's a good girl.

P: OK, but mummy, I'm huuunnngggrryyyyyy!!!
Me: Well, darling, we've just had breakkie, so you'll just have to wait til morning tea, ok sweetie? I'm just tidying the kitchen.

P: Ok.

{Silence while she watches TV, oops, I mean teaches herself the oboe}.

P: But mummy I'm huuuunnnnggggrrrryyyy.
Me: Darling, we've just had breakfast. Wait til morning tea.

P: But Mummy!! I AM hungry! I'm hungry, mummy, I'm hungry.
Me: We've just had breakfast. Please wait til it's morning tea time.

{Slight pause}

P: I want something to eeeaaaatttt!
Me: Wait til morning tea please. Don't ask me again or mummy will turn the TV off (I mean, forbid you from ever practising the oboe ever again. Ahem)

P: I'm STILL hunnnggrrryyy!!!
Me {teeth gritted}: Did you hear me? Listen with your ears please. Mummy's getting cross. We've just had breakfast. Wait til morning tea.

P: {silence. Engrossed in TV program/oboe practice}

{Longish pause while I tidy a bit.}

P: Mummy?
Me: Yes darling?

P: I'm still hungry.
Me: {at the pub}.

The end.

Disclaimer:  I wasn't actually at the pub, I was using what is referred to in the business as "poetic licence".  Disappointing I know.

As you were.


  1. Dear SDM, I think that you might be my long lost twin... you seem to have climbed into my head and blogged all my thoughts in your various posts.

  2. Hi Silk Slippers! Haha maybe we were separated at birth. I'm still sadly kaftan-less despite your good advice Per FF's blog. Thank you so much for commenting on my little bloglet.

    1. You probably shouldn't take fashion advice from me anyway... I also spend a lot of time thinking about clothes but I am not sure it pays off in terms of making me look particularly presentable! I went to work yesterday (just heading back after maternity leave) in a brand new dress which I thought was rather fetching. Husband kindly said "Darling maybe you should buy some new clothes now that you are going back to work so you don't have to keep wearing your maternity things."

    2. Oh my gosh, I hope you clocked him one! I'm the same, the way I look does not in anyway reflect the amount of time I spend thinking about sartorial issues. I mostly just look like I'm still wearing the clothes I was sleeping in.

  3. God you are HILARIOUS! And I thought my 20 month old was a handful. Eek. xx

    1. It's very alarming. Thank God I will have this blog for tips :) xx

  4. I would go to the pub after all this. Reminds me the time when our little one was that age. Ours is not as wild though.

    1. She is a spirited one! She provides endless entertainment for us. Luckily she is as loving as she is spirited, we are lucky.

  5. Sarah, my mum was Sarah McIntyre before marriage I always love seeing Sarah Mac, pop up!

    Oh God, that picture is so wrong!

    1. Tabitha: Oh that's a coincidence! The Mac part is my maiden name too, I have another good Scottish surname now. Thank you for commenting on my blog, v exciting.
      The picture is awful but hilarious, I may not have licked sauce off our baby's face but I've certainly showered him with crumbs in similar fashion.


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