Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday. Fashion. Family.

I've been feeling a lot of feelings the last few days.

We're back at Slapdash HQ now after a visit to the Slapdash Ancestral Compound.   After a very sad year, Mum has recently returned to live in the house I shared with her when I was a teenager.

Which is next door to my Dad's house.  Her ex-husband.  Grandpa G.

I know.  Sorry to get all Big Love Family Compound on your arses, that's just how we roll.

So I inflicted myself, the baby and the 3 year old on my grief-stricken and exhausted mother for a couple of nights, you know, to HELP and be USEFUL and just  GET SHIT DONE!  Said emotionally fragile mother then proceeded to throw her back out.  And the baby proceeded to get a cold.  And the 3 year old, you know, whinged and carried on.  And the dog got jealous and started ripping up his bed.

I know, I'm just so HELPFUL!  Who wouldn't want me around as you worked through your grief whilst simultaneously transporting yourself back through the space-time-continuum to a house you lived in ten years ago??!

Thank God some actually useful members of the family had already done everything before I even got there.  And luckily the nature of the Family Compound version 2.0 meant that Grandpa G was on hand to ply said 3 year old with the requisite quantity of babycinos to render her docile.

A barrel of laughs it wasn't.

Sartorially speaking, however, it was quite positive.  I shopped the pain away at some really good op-shops.

Here's my loot...

$9.  Looks boring but it covers a multitude of sins.

These shoes were $18.  I'm belatedly embracing the nude shoe.  I need all the help I can get in the leg lengthening department.  Well, I'll do almost anything but probably wouldn't do this
$5 I think.  Who doesn't love a wrap dress?  

$6 or something.  Less sure about this one.  When I tried it on, Mum said "Oh it's LOVELY darling but maybe you'll need some of those high-waisted pants on underneath".  Hmm.

Shorts for the little boy.
As soon as I came home I realised I had committed the ultimate parental faux pas of buying something for one child and not the other.  I thought it might escape P's notice. Ha!  She has a mind like a steel trap.  Wailing ensued.  This mother-of-two caper is not to be sneezed at.

How cold is it!?  I have had to get these babies out again.


I'm off to calm the screaming baby and hopefully then watch "New Tricks".  Crazy times.

Hope everyone else is drinking mojitos and dancing to trance music and then going to a gallery opening where there's free champagne.  That's totally what I would be doing if I had the chance.  Have a drink for me folks.


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    1. Hi there thanks for commenting. I'm not into the random follow for follow's sake but I'm happy to check out your blog. If you like my special and yoo-neekly hilarious style of humour then follow away, you chaotic little fashionista you! Ciao!

  2. Hi,SarahMac ! I don't drink mojitos and I hate trance music but I nevertheless just became your first follower ... I'm all for a gallery opening with free Champagne though !..xx

    1. How exciting! Thank you SB for commenting! And becoming my first follower. I don't really like trance music either so there you go xx

  3. Hi Sarah ..I have my noice slippers on as I reply to you. Mums what would you do without them? mother would have said about the high waisted whatsis .."they would make your figure look neater".

    I thought I had followed you to check now..keep up the good work, hang in there and various other platitudes.

    1. smr I think you've successfully followed now, I only put the follow function thingo on yesterday, I had to google how to do it! It's slipper wearin' weather alright...even dug the doonas out again! xx


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