Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gas. Some questions.

Discovered late last night that the gas had run out.  And that the backup gas cylinder was empty too.  Obviously someone has forgotten to order one at some point.  I place the blame squarely at my husband's feet, I'm far too organised and together to have forgotten that important task.  I'm not called Slapdash Mama for nothing..oh, wait...

Anyway, this has meant two bracing cold showers now for me.  And of course it coincided with hair washing day too. I can't bring myself to wash my hair in the freezing water so now I look like this;

I could deadset go a martini right now, and all. 

I'm also in desperate need for an eyebrow wax, it's all starting to look a bit like this;

Our former glorious leader.

Also last night we had a night with the kids that looked a bit like this;

Some folk will have seen this before, but I think it begs sharing again.
Proof that motherhood is not all glamour.

I feel exhausted and a bit grumpy.

Went to yoga and in a pleasant deviation from last week's shameful episode, I did not immediately come home and ingest a disgusting quantity of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Baby steps, people.

In conclusion, I have some questions that I need answered;

1.  Gaspard and Lisa (and their families) are characters in a children's tv series.  They are giant dogs.  They go about their business like they think they are people.  All the other characters ARE actually people.  They interact with each other like they are all just, you know,  people!  But Gaspard and Lisa are GIANT DOGS, right!?  How come no-one says anything?  I find it confusing and it ruins my enjoyment of the otherwise excellent programming on ABC2.

2.  P stripped off all her clothes again today while jumping on the trampoline, even though we had people over.  Am I raising a sociopath?

3.  Can anyone recommend a cheap-ish laptop? I want one.

3.  Also, where are all the undies I bought for P last week? I can only find two pairs.

Thank you.  Carry on.


Vent your spleen! You know you want to.

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