Saturday, October 20, 2012

Laundry. ALDI. Mojo.

Wore the same outfit two days in a row in an attempt to redress the "time spent doing laundry": "time I don't spend doing laundry" ratio imbalance.  I'm a veritable martyr to the bloody washing at the moment.  I tell you, drop the ball laundry-wise for a few days and you better watch out because around here you are likely to be BURIED ALIVE in it, be it clean, dirty or waiting in vain to be ironed.

Get this look!  Breastfeeding chair doubles as laundry recepticle.

I'm not sure about the re-wearing of the outfit, it's possible that it is just a slippery slope to crazy town.  Perhaps next I'll be skipping showers...oh, wait, I did that too this week!!  Naturally the day I couldn't manage a shower just had to coincide with the day that I was forced to madly dash to daycare/hospital with concussed child.  Lucky my clothes were clean.  Apart from the vomit.  Anyway.

My parents took turns to come and hang out here for a day each to help me watch over the concussed one and look after the infant.  I took the opportunity during Mum's visit to make an enjoyable trip to my new favourite shop....ALDI.  That's right readers, ALDI.  It is the business, the bomb, the bees knees of supermarket shopping.  And there's a new one open now just down the road from us!

Now it's taken me some time to come to terms with the fact that I've ended up living in a very, very, very outer suburban area, in a low-set brick house in (of all places!) the Gold Coast.  I'm sure I should really be whiling away my days in a loft apartment in Manhattan or a garret somewhere in Paris, gaily filling my shopping basket with baguettes, bagels and other market-related tidbits.

Not the Gold Coast.  Taken by me, a million years ago.

I'm not sure what happened there.  I probably should have had a ten year plan that didn't include racking up a huge HECS debt studying an Arts degree and librarianship where you can only ever earn about 2 cents an hour.  You reap what you sow, people.  I should have listened to my father, but don't tell him that.

Anyway, the point is that probably if I was living the dream in one of those locations, my favourite shop would be, I don't know, Chanel or Hermes or something, but when in Rome (or the Gold Coast), do as the Gold Coast-ians do.  So I've embraced the cut-price experience that is ALDI shopping with gusto.

As I was fiddling round with the trolleys, a fellow shopper and I shared a moment of ALDI love.  
"This one is so QUIET and with such great parking!" she marvelled.
"I know!" I said, "And we live JUST UP THE ROAD!"
She gazed at me with awe. "So. Lucky," she whispered. "You have EVERYTHING."
It's all in the eye of the beholder I guess.

I am starting to even look forward to the mad bit at the end where I am in an unspoken battle with the checkout attendant, trying to shove the groceries back into my trolley faster than they can scan them through. My checkout person on this occasion was a nice fellow who gave me a generous headstart.
"I think I'm getting better at this now," I boasted to him. "My husband simply cannot handle the pace, but I enjoy it".
"Yes, some people can't handle it, that is true " checkout man confided to me. "But if you make a game of it, it can be lots of FUN!"
"Oh YES it is FUN!" I trilled back, gaily packing my purchases into bags and skipping lightly back to the car.
Look, take your pleasure where you can, I say.

I am forced to note here in a late entry that my pleasure has been muted somewhat by my discovery this morning that I left a whole bag of shopping in the boot of the car, including some frozen (well, not any more) salmon fillets.  The horror.

Also, I have totally and utterly lost my exercise mojo this week.  Please someone help. I could blame stress and worry but let's be honest, it's pure laziness. 

ADDENDUM:  Some loyal readers have queried my assertion that Gaspard and Lisa are dogs, and have alleged that they are actually giant rabbits. According to reliable sources (what? Wikipedia is reliable, right?), Gaspard and Lisa are indeed 6-year old anthropomorphic dogs.     
ADDENDUM TO THE ADDENDUM:  I've noticed my total pageviews have gone over 1000 now.  Weird. If you are reading this, join in!  Comment!  You'll never look back.


  1. Oh, hon, I'll wear the same thing for a week! Don't fret!

    1. Wendy that is good to hear! If you can do it then so can I.

  2. As a fellow librarian (of the teacher-librarian subset), I too am full of incomprehension as to how I am not living in my English village in close commute to London while planning trips across the Chanel. Now, not that I ever thought I would,I look forward to a side trip to my fav Aldi (lots of parking, no queues, lots of special things on double special like imitate Le Crusset cookware) on way to my hairdressers. Ah, the joy of suburban life,

    1. Oh yes i love those crazy specials! And i think librarianship should come with a warning..."will never earn any money ever!" But most people probably already figured that one out, and became financial advisers and surgeons instead.

  3. Haha sarah love it.. And love aldi too!

  4. I'm a recent devotee of Aldi- not for the big shop but definately for nappies and other bits and pieces. I admire your skill with the packing...I still struggle to keep up. I think it's because I still try and bag as I go rather than just piling it into the trolley and bagging it on the shelves provided. Keep it up. I always get a chuckle from your blog. Jo A.

    1. Jo you need to pack on the shelf! Just shove that shit in the trolley as fast as you can. The nappies are the bomb diggity! Had some dodgy meat recently though...urgh...

  5. My sister and I crack each other up with our descriptions of our Frumperella clothes that we wear when we just lazing at home not expecting visitors. Obviously just as I've shimmied into my grubby "relaxed" rags, that's when the hordes descend!

    1. Frumperella! Haha! At least you will scare off the Jehovah's Witnesses when they come a-calling x


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